First Writing Experiment

Stephen King’s work evolves. Constantly. And everything is on the negotiating table, at all times. That’s why it’s hard to put together a list of his upcoming movie and television projects. I did exactly this for my first writing project at In my mind, this would take about two or three hours. I was wrong. I spent a solid ten hours researching, confirming, tracking down original source links, listening to podcasts, pouring over interviews, all to write this. It was actually pretty fun. I became obsessed with his books in middle school, so my research brought back a lot of memories that had been lost. About a week after this list posted, King announced a new project. Two weeks later, another. In the two months it’s been since I wrote the article, he’s had about a half dozen new projects evolve in some capacity. But for a moment in time, I had the definitive list — pieced together with my personality. FYI:  The editor didn’t fix a few minor mistakes that are burned into my skull until the end of times.

Upcoming Stephen King Projects (now dated)

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