Every day for 17 years, I pursued my deadline as a news producer with the fervor of a religious zealot. My rundown—a prophecy of stories. My scripts—mini manifests of my vision. I conjured images and sound to help spread my gospel. Through the day I crafted a sermon of wildfires, peeping toms, home runs, and seals... Continue Reading →

A Christmas Story Deadline

For me, Christmas officially ends each year with the last scene in A Christmas Story. The parents are sitting by the Christmas tree, enjoying a drink, as the snow flutters down through the window. It's that calming last breath of Christmas before TBS dumps six episodes of Big Bang Theory on us. Television news producers... Continue Reading →

A Hero Dies Every Day in the Newsroom

Dwight Clark caught “The Catch.” That may not mean something to you, but to San Francisco 49ers fans, it is the height of folk lore. In fact, it’s a beloved football moment known by football fans across the United States—even being named one of the 21 Greatest Sports Moments in History. When Dwight Clark died... Continue Reading →

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