Oh Baby, You’re in Danger!

Kids are a lot of work. This Halloween I saw a mom taking her three kids, who were all under age four, trick-or-treating along Fremont Street in Portland. I nearly passed out in exhaustion from the mere sight of her effort. My wife and I took our daughter out for the same event and the... Continue Reading →

First Writing Experiment

Stephen King's work evolves. Constantly. And everything is on the negotiating table, at all times. That's why it's hard to put together a list of his upcoming movie and television projects. I did exactly this for my first writing project at HorrorNews.net. In my mind, this would take about two or three hours. I was... Continue Reading →

I Wrote Stuff!

For the last 14 or so years I've been writing TV news. It seems pretty straightforward, but there's nuance to getting your information across in four sentences. I'll get into that on a later date. For now, I'd like to share a little writing I did for a horror blog. Basically, I needed writing credits... Continue Reading →

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