Working Toward a Classic

A lot of movies become classics years after they're first released. They don't change but our appreciation for them changes as they continue to show up in our lives. The Wizard of Oz and The Shining were blasted by critics but are now some of the most treasured films of all time. Modern games are... Continue Reading →

Mmm… Chicken Noodle Soup

This week is cold. Superman's breath cold. Edmund Fitzgerald wreckage at the bottom of Lake Superior cold. It's the kind of cold that makes you swear that old soccer knee injury is squeaking like a rusty wheel. The kind of cold that you cannot escape from... unless you attack it from within. Chicken noodle soup... Continue Reading →


My parents named me Brendan Temujin Knapp. People are surprised and curious to wonder what Temujin means. The answer only adds to the surprise and curiosity. Basically my dad was reading this book... ...when I was forming in my mother's womb (yes, this exact book). Mom got to pick my first name. Dad got to... Continue Reading →

Birth of a New Blog

Today I am launching a new personal writing space to unload thoughts, musings, takes, diatribes, monologues, rants... you get the idea. Don't worry, it'll be nothing too heavy-handed. I'll mostly post about life and all the splendor of work, family, food, travel, drink, entertainment, and enlightenment. Basically, this is my way of getting to know... Continue Reading →

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