About Brendan Knapp

Brendan Knapp is a Murrow Award-winning and Emmy-nominated journalist. Brendan has bylines in New Scientist, Business Insider, RottenTomatoes.com, Parents.com, and Inverse.com. He has written a book on television news writing and creates digital and marketing content for private entities.

Brendan also loves to conjure up stories for his young girls–and is writing a children’s book. When he is not working, Brendan likes to stream horror classics, watch Detroit’s big four sports teams, and taste the latest food trucks and craft beers of Portland, Oregon.

Website Writing

Marketing & PR Content Creation

One-page for PLUS QA to utilize in Nike ecosystem (available upon request)

News release for music startup’s SXSW appearance (available upon request)

News release for music startup’s tech accelerator grants (available upon request)

Published Journalism & Features

Print Spread

New Scientist Issue #3376 (March 5, 2022)

Television News Writing Book

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